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    The Global Risk Census Collaboration

    If you are here, either as an individual or on behalf of your organization, because you would like to explore the possibility of collaborating with The Global Risk Census, we would like to thank you for your interest.




    Before widely disseminating a questionnaire, The Global Risk Census reviews each question and answer attentively. This said, we sometimes overlook an error or misunderstand a context. Reviewers are essential to ensuring our questions are accurate and relevant. By accepting to become a reviewer, you will get early access to our questionnaires and have the ability to rate and pass comment on every question and answer.

    Note that we seek both English-language reviewers for our original English version and international reviewers for our translations.

    Subject Matter Expert

    If you are an expert in a field covered by either our Main Questionnaire or one of our Specialized Questionnaires, your input is invaluable. As a Subject Matter Expert you will participate in the early stages of a questionnaire's development providing expert insight into which conditions can best help our risk scientists in their quest to anticipate risks.


    The Global Risk Census hopes to translate as many questionnaires into as many languages as possible. If you are a qualified translator from English into your mother tongue, we hope that you will make yourself known to us.

    Though not obligatory, we prefer translators who have experience with both WordPress and the WPML translation plugin.


    As The Global Risk Census grows, so too will our need to reach out to stakeholders around the world. The Secretariat will continue to develop a network of knowledgeable individuals worldwide interested in the core mission of the Census and able to reach out to local partners, institutions, donors, etc.

    Advisory Board Member

    Every year, selected thought leaders of all ages and walks of life, are invited to join The Global Risk Census Advisory Board for a first three-year, renewable term. While this opportunity is by invitation only, we are open to we are open to recommendations of individuals, including oneself, who would be well-qualified to join the Advisory Board.

    PLEASE NOTE that all of these positions are currently voluntary positions without remuneration. If at some time in the future this changes due to a reasonable availability of funds, we will make known the option of some form of stipend for services rendered.


    Outreach Partnership

    Organizations with large constituencies or memberships are essential to the growth of The Global Risk Census.

    We depend on organizations who are willing to reach out to their constituents or members to encourage them to participate in the Census. Indeed, large organizations have the ability to deliver thousands, if not millions of participants from around the world.

    CLICK HERE to find out more about our participant outreach needs and how you can help.

    Subject Matter Partnership

    The partner organization provides human and/or material resources or de facto contributes subject matter expertise used in the improvement of The Main Questionnaire or the development of new Specialized Questionnaires.

    Media and Messaging Partnership

    Those media, influencers, bloggers, and others with the ability to relay the existence and value of The Global Risk Census are invited to do so. We will most definitely recognize their messaging efforts.

    Endorsement Partnership

    An organization respected for its expertise or actions, publicly recognizes and endorses the value of The Global Risk Census.

    Specialized Questionnaire Partnership

    Organizations known for their leadership in a field, are invited to co-develop Specialized Thematic or Targeted Questionnaires.

    Translation Partnership

    Some institutions have substantial translation capabilities. We welcome their offer to translate the questionnaires into currently untranslated languages.

    Funding and Sponsorship

    The Global Risk Census must remain a public interest project with zero cost to participants. To ensure its sustainability, we invite like-minded donors and sponsors to connect with us. See more information on our funding needs below.

    Participant Outreach

    Key to the success of The Global Risk Census, is our ability to attract large numbers of participants. If you represent an organization with a large number of members, constituents or employees, you can help!

    The 'participant outreach' concept

    • The outreach

      Our outreach partners help by inviting their constituents, members, or employees to participate in The Global Risk Census.

    • Quid pro quo

      In exchange for helping us with our outreach, our partners can, if they choose to, insert up to ten (10) targeted questions that only their own constituents, members or employees will answer giving our partners insight into their membership's perception of risk in their specific field of interest or activity

    Types of outreach partners

    This is a suggested list of the types of organizations that The Global Risk Census feels are most likely to be interested in helping to reach out to members, constituents, or employees.
    Two businessmen holding text sign. Teamwork concept. Isolated
    Are you a

    trade or global union?

    You have members – thousands, maybe millions. They are concerned for their families, communities, workplace conditions and fairness. Give them an additional voice, one where they can simply observe the world around them and make known what they see and experience.

    The Global Risk Census is built on a framework of collaboration
    Are you an

    association or federation?

    Whether you are an association of people, of organizations, or of a sector; whether you are a federation with associations across the country or around the world; your encouragement will empower your membership to make known their views to a wider constituency.

    Student With Diploma Shows Graduation Or Certificate
    Are you an

    academic institution?

    Academic institutions have thousands of students, faculty and staff, all with a very sophisticated view of the world and a thorough understanding of their field of study. Academia is diverse, with students and faculty of all ages, cultures, beliefs and orientations coming from around the globe. We desperately need them to participate in The Global Risk Census.

    Medic with globe. Global medical services concept. Isolated
    Are you a

    ngo or civil society organization?

    Non-governmental and civil society organizations are mission-critical to the effectiveness of The Global Risk Census. Civil society constituents care about the environment, about humanity, about communities, and care profoundly about the greater good. Whether large or small, let our team work with yours to find the best way to reach out to your partners and members; anticipating risks together matters.

    3d man holding earth globe on his shoulders. European and african side. Isolated.
    Are you a

    government or multilateral agency?

    While we understand that governments and multilateral agencies cannot always promote or otherwise encourage their staff to participate in an external project such as The Global Risk Census, doing so would be a major benefit to all. Federal to local government and multilateral agencies can provide the Census with a much needed public-sector view of their surroundings and the world. If you can find a way to involve both your elected officials and civil servants, it will be good for all.

    two businesmen standding on world map
    Are you a

    large corporation or multinational?

    Large corporations usually have operations in dozens of countries and employ thousands, sometimes millions, of personnel in those countries. This type of input is invaluable in a project such as The Global Risk Census. It is our belief that getting your entire workforce to participate in this exercise is a great demonstration of your corporate social responsibility. It shows your willingness to contribute to a much needed vigilance of issues that lie ahead.


    To ensure sustainable operations, the project relies on institutional support from like-minded companies, philanthropists, foundations or other funding instruments.

    The Global Risk Census is currently funded by Risk Sciences International as a public-interest project. To ensure sustainable operations, the project requires outside funding. Currently, the team seeks institutional support from like-minded companies, philanthropists, foundations or other funding instruments.

    Please note that Risk Sciences International, the seed funder of the project, is a private Canadian-based corporation. As such, monetary support of The Global Risk Census is not currently tax-deductible or subject to any other tax advantages. This framework may change. The Global Risk Census secretariat is open to conversion into a not-for-profit entity should the available funding warrant it.

    In all cases, it is the intent of RSI and The Global Risk Census Secretariat to operate the project as a not-for-profit, public-interest project.

    The Global Risk Census actively seeks institutional funding. The Secretariat is currently reaching out to foundations, corporate social responsibility divisions, as well as national and other institutional donor instruments.

    Because this is a truly international project, support from all countries is welcome and encouraged.

    For interested donors, The Global Risk Census Secretariat can make available a comprehensive Funding Appeal and Budget. Members of the Secretariat are also available for an introductory presentation of the project's vision and goals.

    Though operated as a not-for-profit public interest project, The Global Risk Census recognizes that some like-minded corporations would like to show their support for the project using a sponsorship model in which funding is exchanged for visibility.

    The Global Risk Census is open to sponsorship arrangements with the understanding that it be clear to both the sponsor and participants that The Global Risk Census retains entire liberty and is in no way accountable to the sponsor, or open to influence by the sponsor. The sponsorship would be the equivalent of an unrestricted grant.

    Very important for the project's credibility and success: at no time an in no way will a sponsor benefit or have access to data that would not otherwise be publicly available.

    The Global Risk Census makes clear that there is no cost for participants to share their observations and views. This will never change. We therefore prefer to avoid small individual donations for fear that this contribution be construed as a payment for participation.

    The Global Risk Census is, nonetheless, open to larger, private contributions made by visionary philanthropists who understand the potential scope of the project. If you are an individual donor who recognizes the value of The Global Risk Census, we hope that you will reach out to us.

    Let’s start a conversation

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    Note to those interested in exploring participant outreach.

    To succeed, The Global Risk Census must have a large number of participants from all over the globe. Reaching these potential participants requires the collaboration of public and private organizations with large numbers of members. If you are such an organization, we hope to hear from you. If you would like additional information, please visit our Outreach page here.

    Note to those interested in exploring donations or sponsorships.

    The Global Risk Census has chosen a business model without participant fees. We do not, and will not, charge participants who are ultimately trying to help us all by providing their observations. To succeed, The Global Risk Census therefore requires the support of generous donors or sponsors who are willing to help us anticipate risks together on a a global scale.

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