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First Risk Census Advisory Board members

Dr. Daniel Krewski, Director of Science of The Global Risk Census, is pleased to present the founding members of The Global Risk Census Advisory Board. The first six members, in order of date of appointment, are:

  • Doug McNair (MD PhD)
  • Santiago Perez-Lloret (MD PhD)
  • Ri-Hua Xie (RN PhD FAAN)
  • Amy Clippinger (PhD)
  • Kim Lavoie (PhD FCPA FABMR)
  • Nicholas You

The six founding Board members hail from Canada, the United States, People’s Republic of China, Argentina, and Kenya. According to Dr. Krewski: “It is our intention to have a very diverse Advisory Board representing all continents, many countries, different professional backgrounds, gender diversity, and a broad age range.” These six distinguished members bring just that. From public health, to urban issues and animal welfare, this initial Board is poised to deliver valuable guidance to The Global Risk Census.

Link to the Board of Directors listing

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