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Main Questionnaire Introduction and Instructions

On behalf of the Risk Scientists, Secretariat, Advisory Board and Stakeholders of The Global Risk Census, thank you for taking the time to participate.

To better complete the questionnaire, we encourage you to carefully read the instructions below.

2024-05-30 11:48:36 UTC +0000


2024-05-30 11:48:36 UTC +0000

20 minutes

It takes under 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

11 sections

There are 11 short sections.

84 questions

There are 84 questions; most are multiple choice.


The questions are the same whether you are in Anchorage or Zurich.


We use a glossary to better explain our intended meanings; simply hover over (or tap) words that have a dotted underline.

Geographic concepts

Questions refer to geographic zones as follows:

• my dwelling
where I live
my region
• my country
• the world

Time concepts

Time is defined as follows:

• over five years ago
• over 12 months ago
• during the past 12 months
• over the next 12 months
• over the next five years


Your answers are about today

If you are asked a question about something current, answer based on today's conditions, regardless of the reasons. If the question is  about traffic and there is currently a pandemic, traffic will be likely be lighter than usual. That's what you should answer, that there is less traffic.



There are very few required questions. The ones that are, have a red exclamation mark with a circle. 

Thank you

Finally, thank you again for taking the time to do this; we understand that people are very busy.

From this point forward, it should take you under 20 minutes to finish.

Time to get started

Scroll down and select whether to get started without registration, or registering first and then participating.

From this point forward, it should take you under 20 minutes to finish.