Protected: Development


Next steps in the development process (almost in order)

  1. List, create and initial Advisory Board members - DONE
  2. Contact Advisory Board members
  3. Begin 'alpha' test with:
    1. RSI staff - DONE
    2. Inner 'friend' circles (each should create a list of about five people and reach out)
  4. Build views pages
    1. Sample
    2. Full
  5. Build first two Specialized Questionnaires
    1. My Health at Risk
    2. My City at Risk?
  6. Redo budget and funding appeal document
  7. Write up first contact emails
    1. Advisory board members
    2. Funders
    3. Multipliers
  8. List and reach out to donors
  9. List and reach out to initial outreach multipliers
  10. Fill following posts with new staff:
    1. Multiplier Outreach: Natalie?
    2. Media Relations:?
    3. Annual Event:?

Missing elements or themes in Worldwide Questionnaire

  • How about a Global Stability Risk Outlook (think of the CAPE concept in meteorology)
    • CAPE stands for Convective Available Potential Energy and is the amount of fuel available to a developing thunderstorm. More specifically, it describes the instability of the atmosphere and provides an approximation of updraft strength within a thunderstorm. So CAPE is used by weather officials to understand what the potential might be for thunderstorms and how powerful those storms might become if they do materialize.
  • How about, also, a Global Risk Alert Level?
  • Sanitation, notably access to public WC
    • The question: "Where I live, public toilets are easy to find." - Likert
  • Airport security
    • The question: "In my country, airport security is strict and effective." - Likert
  • Sufficient local or national prep for disasters (both natural and caused)
    • The question: "My country has good disaster response systems in place." - Likert

To do on the site

  • Revisit all the geo zone references in the questions
  • Build Views pages
    • Full view - DONE (needs refining)
    • Select fields for Limited view
  • WPML install and test
  • French translation
  • Video interview with Dan re: why the Census?
  • Produce Elevator Pitch Video

Donor ideas

Caveat: RSI or new non-profit?

  • Foundations
  • ¿¿ World Bank ??
  • ¿¿ Another regional development bank ??
  • Insurance company or association? The list is here.

A funding thought: maybe we need to get (a) the advisory board, (b) a first major outreach multiplier and (c) a first avalanche of respondents??

Nonprofit name ideas

  1. Institute for the Advancement of Risk Sciences
  2. Risk Evidence Observatory
  3. Global Risk Observatory
  4. Forum for the Analysis of Risk (FAR)
  5. Risk Sciences Observatory



  • Stress
  • Infectious disease


  • Misinformation (target: news professionals)